Design Trends Case Study (02-28-2023)

Senior Designer: Joey Grant
Motion Editors: Mike Huffington, Jacob von Tobel
Graphic Designer: Jess Oh

On the CX Team, the Designers were tasked by the Senior Design to research and replicate current and upcoming design trends that businesses were utilizing in our space. We went to both physical stores as well as various social media platforms.
After months of research and ideation, we compiled the trends into a presentation and mocked them up in action. The project also served as an opportunity to create interesting concepts whenever clients provided very few assets.

Trend: Monochromatic

Key Takeaways:
Monochromatic color schemes can easily be translated to any other product

Varying shades of the same color for visual uniformity

Each frame creates its own individual cohesive environment


Trend: Speedy Bright

Key Takeaways:
Mimics freezer ad as a silent pre-session— bare bones with a clear message

Starts with multiple flavor cues for a quick understanding of the featured product

Bright fast colors with minimal text for easy comprehension



Trend: Expanding Pattern

Key Takeaways:
Serves as an ad to remind customers of the well known, trustworthy brand

Allows the product to speak for itself without copy

Stripped down, vibrant style for easy passing consumption

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